the loveliest trap

I’m contemplating leaving,

I wanna pack my bags and tell him that I’m not coming home,

what if he pulls into our driveway as I’m packing,

comes into the house to find me in a rush,untitled (2)

I’ll push past him, I want to leave!

He’s not the man I met,

the reflection of me that I love to see in masculinity.

I sit in bed,

bliss fills me as I entertain the thought of independence.

Scratching my own back, dealing with the issues that have plagued me,

then he rolls over.

a voice evades the bedroom

it’s deep, sensual

I love you escapes and immediately I’m hooked again.

How can I leave him?

There is every reason that points towards that open door

but love is a trap

a web with a beautiful silhouette

I’m staying!


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