The Unspoken

Potful of Life


Stop still and listen –

To sounds of the Universe bursting with Life

Sounds of the Earth ever shrinking –

Whispers of Stars and Moon

Directions of angels and demons

Cries of lost souls wailing in eternity

Thoughts of men and women battling their sanity –

Lovers’ heart, beating language of love and lust

Yearnings of queers and gays to come out and be accepted

Silent stares of unhappy children embroiled in parent’s bitter divorce

Rage and mortification of sexual assault victims –

Scheming minds of terrorists hatching ghastly plot

Twisted mind of serial killers profiling next victim –

In stillness

You hear all –

You hear the Mystery unfolding the truth

You hear the Universe’s heaves and sighs

You hear the Unspoken.

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