Are all guys dogs?

I’ve really been wondering lately is there a difference between a man and a dog. Maybe the quote “dog is mans best friend” derived from the truth that they’re so similar. I think men go through phases, which range from wanting to be alone to maybe I’ll be an all around family man. I used to think that all men were different but lately I’ve been questioning that. When guys are between the ages of 17-21+ all they seem to have time for is playing girls. Guys don’t even take time anymore to get to know a girl but rather conclude that they’re going to have sex with her. It shows a trend in this time period where chivalry has seemed to just up and disappear. I would like to be able to trust a guy, take him seriously when he says “I’m different”. The truth in that is that you’re no different from any other tail-chasing dog. I don’t want you guys to think I’m just bagging on the male species. I’ve just really noticed that many guys leaving high school and entering college only want one thing. Ladies and gents you know exactly what that one thing is.
You know what I can’t understand for the life of me? Why can’t guys just be upfront about their motives? Why do you have to toy with a females emotions to reach your goal? Because if we are speaking honestly, which I hope we are, there are plenty of ladies out here that are looking for the same thing. Trickery is not always the key to the dynasty!
Guys stop playing with emotions and ladies stop being naive enough to fall for it. I still have faith that there are some good guys out there. Hopefully they’re chocolatey too!


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