black history month what it told me again

The misterman's take

does it seem the police and the powers

that be  media and award shows

and etc.,  still come across forever  racist

to the mind and the eyes

and the very soul

yes it does

how the elephant in the room

and what it says

and its own common denial

and its own only the same circle

and its own cycle

and where it throws a bone

and a story

and yet it still moves from

getting to a meeting ground

what a world within a world

and how it seems a puzzle

and a mystery

and yet its seen

in the lion’s teeth

and the brain and its rot

has a hole in its own heart

langauge and insults

about ones hair

ones choice of music

and ones ideas

and still used as a political tool

and the world sees and watches it all


and no gold is ever…

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