When I first began to read the theories of Genre I was automatically confused. Trying to wrap your head around something that’s not stated black and white but that is so abstract, can be very difficult. Genre does have a set definition but not in this context; it was a struggle to wrap my head around the concept. I still do not fully understand what I read or how genre works in a lot of ways. Pare and Smart spoke about genre’s being more than just forms and that there are many observable aspects of genre, yet that doesn’t make it a genre. “Repeated patterns in the structure, rhetorical moves, and style of texts are the most readily observable aspects of  genre” 

The idea of genre as a whole boggles my brain, thus I will need to do more research to get a better understanding.

Something that I did understand is when Dean talked about the situated portion of genre. How genre changes depending on the context of the situation such as the analogy with the piece of paper on the parked car. This part of the reading I found easier to grasp amongst the others like Rhetorical.


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