Public Enemy


I am the bad guy

The one you blame for your problems

I am the common denominator

The scapegoat

Frenemies with treacherous grins envelop my spirits

I am the bad guy

The one you tag a label on

I am the evil villain

The Grinch

My soul has been declared a black pit

I am the bad guy

The one who owns all the blame

I am the murderer of your reputation

The antagonist

Tell your stories to those who wish to plot too

I am the bad guy

The demented demon which wrecks your lives

I am

The devil

What happens when you have no one else to pin this on?

Will you take ownership then?

Will you apologize for all your sinful acts against others?

There is a glimmer of hope, that disperses

I know who you are



I don’t know who i am anymore, what I like, what I aspire. I’m just free floating through life, wandering aimlessly in the breeze. I need a niche. I’m afraid that if I drift off too far I may not be able to come back from this. I feel sadness mainly, an everlasting emptiness that assures me that I’m falling apart. I don’t know if I can pick myself back up this time. Sorrow feels the desolate space I’m confined to, especially in my head. I can’t get out of my head. Strange things did happen here.


Realizing things about yourself can be a bit sudden because while it’s happening you don’t really pay attention to it. When I sat down and thought about ll the things that I have been through in this past semester, I was shocked. I was shocked at how much I’ve grown in these past months but I was thrilled at how much I’d grown as a writer. I have motivation, a voice, my creative processes are back in tact. Reflection can teach you a lot about yourself and who you would like to be. Therefore, you should use reflection graciously, abundantly, and for the most part you do that already.


I think it’s important to understand what a writer is trying to convey to their audience. When a writer begins a piece, he/she must evaluate what they think is important, how they want to construct this piece, and to whom this piece will influence. An example of that is Doctor Seuss books which are meant to teach lessons thus he uses rhymes schemes to keep his audience, children, interested in his books. A writers frame determines just about everything including the reasons to even write the piece in the first place; he will not just write without establishing first the importance.

In my hut

Pain is not foreign

Pain is not new

It’s been in my hut, for a decade, almost two

Pain is not the enemy

Pain is never the friend

I’m sorry to inform you, for pain there’s no end

Pain is embrassive

Pain is overwhelming

How to get rid of pain is something you can tell me

Pain is life threatening

Pain is a toll of both the emotional and the physical

A hole that can be described by someone more lyrical

Pain is long, slow agony

Pain is the most hellish place

Your own piece of the devil to face

I’m in pain

But pain has always been there

One thing you’ll learn about pain is that it’s always more than you can bear

Pain is reliable

Pain will never leave your side

As you know, pain will take you on one hell of a ride 

I’ve contemplated how to deal with this pain

But my mental status has raised to damn near insane

In that moment that it becomes too much and you say fuck it all

Is the moment you have officially dropped the ball

Don’t Facilitate Me

Today’s discussion did not really do much for because of the simple fact that no one in the class is willing to talk. It’s very agitating to have a group speaking and no one is responding except you and a few others. Maybe it is the lack of interest in the subjects presented by the facilitation group that feeds boredom and minds start to wander. I also do not think that this prepared me in any way to do my mid-term paper but instead was a waste of a class period. I understand the purpose behind the facilitation group but I feel as though it needs to be revised in a way to get people actively thinking versus feeling like they’re just doing it for a grade. I do not believe that it was the group members fault but the classes fault for not engaging the group thus making this whole presentation pointless.

America deserves an Award

Wow America you never cease to amaze me with your raw talent for fucking up. Everything you do screws generations to come: economically – especially-, socially desensitizing kids, steadily lacking in resources, and of course retarding the education system. First you want to come up with this common core bullshit which you say is a state led effort but I know that you’re bullying the states to agree it. Just like you do ever other piece of educational legislation: oh it’s not mandated but however there are incentives. Then you make pop and rap culture look bad by flooding the radios with crap. Crap that desensitizes our kids to pussy, money, weed. This brainwashes our kids to think that those are the qualities important in our lives. On top of that you bash real rap culture because it’s full of blacks with talent which we know you hate. Next step to your plan was to, of course, drown society in drugs, especially in urban areas. You are polluting the streets with these manifests of the devil to kill of a whole population of people. I feel like Kendrick Lamar right now in the song The Blacker the Berry! You constantly invest your money in other places, not even in the country instead of using it to build our nations ghettos. People are still oppressed because America wants it that way, not because there is nothing they can do. You’ve exploited your citizens in every single type of way; you’ve stripped us of our culture, our resources, our souls. Our souls are so black due to tv screens taking our generations morality. Kids are taught not to be creative even in writing, you are trying to take away our AP classes to further retard our kids. You even continue to teach the females in the country to not respect themselves. As women we now have to equate ourselves to bitches and hoes who rely on men for every aspect of our kids. First we weren’t allowed to have careers, our own property but now that we are you have found another way to keep us under you locks. You know places like Walmart still underpay women so don’t feel bad when you walk in there and pick up something. Just know a woman who works there has already paid for that doubly.
I know it’s taking me a long to get to what I’m really upset with: you want to ban AP classes from our educational system? So you want all our kids to be held to the same expectations? Alike in every aspect even down to the way that we think?
America you have some real balls but the only reason you’re getting away with this is through brain washing. Deliberately polluting people to not be aware of what’s going on around them. America you’re winning but we will catch up to you one day.
I wanna personally say I appreciate mudruckers!