Public Enemy


I am the bad guy

The one you blame for your problems

I am the common denominator

The scapegoat

Frenemies with treacherous grins envelop my spirits

I am the bad guy

The one you tag a label on

I am the evil villain

The Grinch

My soul has been declared a black pit

I am the bad guy

The one who owns all the blame

I am the murderer of your reputation

The antagonist

Tell your stories to those who wish to plot too

I am the bad guy

The demented demon which wrecks your lives

I am

The devil

What happens when you have no one else to pin this on?

Will you take ownership then?

Will you apologize for all your sinful acts against others?

There is a glimmer of hope, that disperses

I know who you are


In my hut

Pain is not foreign

Pain is not new

It’s been in my hut, for a decade, almost two

Pain is not the enemy

Pain is never the friend

I’m sorry to inform you, for pain there’s no end

Pain is embrassive

Pain is overwhelming

How to get rid of pain is something you can tell me

Pain is life threatening

Pain is a toll of both the emotional and the physical

A hole that can be described by someone more lyrical

Pain is long, slow agony

Pain is the most hellish place

Your own piece of the devil to face

I’m in pain

But pain has always been there

One thing you’ll learn about pain is that it’s always more than you can bear

Pain is reliable

Pain will never leave your side

As you know, pain will take you on one hell of a ride 

I’ve contemplated how to deal with this pain

But my mental status has raised to damn near insane

In that moment that it becomes too much and you say fuck it all

Is the moment you have officially dropped the ball