After Racist Fraternity Video Surfaces, Oklahoma’s Black Greek Organizations say They Are ‘Extremely Disturbed’


Notre Dame v Oklahoma

Students and officials at the University of Oklahoma are outraged after a video surfaced Sunday night showing members of the school’s Sigma Alpha Epilson fraternity chanting racist lyrics.

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Public Enemy


I am the bad guy

The one you blame for your problems

I am the common denominator

The scapegoat

Frenemies with treacherous grins envelop my spirits

I am the bad guy

The one you tag a label on

I am the evil villain

The Grinch

My soul has been declared a black pit

I am the bad guy

The one who owns all the blame

I am the murderer of your reputation

The antagonist

Tell your stories to those who wish to plot too

I am the bad guy

The demented demon which wrecks your lives

I am

The devil

What happens when you have no one else to pin this on?

Will you take ownership then?

Will you apologize for all your sinful acts against others?

There is a glimmer of hope, that disperses

I know who you are


I don’t know who i am anymore, what I like, what I aspire. I’m just free floating through life, wandering aimlessly in the breeze. I need a niche. I’m afraid that if I drift off too far I may not be able to come back from this. I feel sadness mainly, an everlasting emptiness that assures me that I’m falling apart. I don’t know if I can pick myself back up this time. Sorrow feels the desolate space I’m confined to, especially in my head. I can’t get out of my head. Strange things did happen here.


Realizing things about yourself can be a bit sudden because while it’s happening you don’t really pay attention to it. When I sat down and thought about ll the things that I have been through in this past semester, I was shocked. I was shocked at how much I’ve grown in these past months but I was thrilled at how much I’d grown as a writer. I have motivation, a voice, my creative processes are back in tact. Reflection can teach you a lot about yourself and who you would like to be. Therefore, you should use reflection graciously, abundantly, and for the most part you do that already.


I think it’s important to understand what a writer is trying to convey to their audience. When a writer begins a piece, he/she must evaluate what they think is important, how they want to construct this piece, and to whom this piece will influence. An example of that is Doctor Seuss books which are meant to teach lessons thus he uses rhymes schemes to keep his audience, children, interested in his books. A writers frame determines just about everything including the reasons to even write the piece in the first place; he will not just write without establishing first the importance.

black history month what it told me again

The misterman's take

does it seem the police and the powers

that be  media and award shows

and etc.,  still come across forever  racist

to the mind and the eyes

and the very soul

yes it does

how the elephant in the room

and what it says

and its own common denial

and its own only the same circle

and its own cycle

and where it throws a bone

and a story

and yet it still moves from

getting to a meeting ground

what a world within a world

and how it seems a puzzle

and a mystery

and yet its seen

in the lion’s teeth

and the brain and its rot

has a hole in its own heart

langauge and insults

about ones hair

ones choice of music

and ones ideas

and still used as a political tool

and the world sees and watches it all


and no gold is ever…

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