When I first began to read the theories of Genre I was automatically confused. Trying to wrap your head around something that’s not stated black and white but that is so abstract, can be very difficult. Genre does have a set definition but not in this context; it was a struggle to wrap my head around the concept. I still do not fully understand what I read or how genre works in a lot of ways. Pare and Smart spoke about genre’s being more than just forms and that there are many observable aspects of genre, yet that doesn’t make it a genre. “Repeated patterns in the structure, rhetorical moves, and style of texts are the most readily observable aspects of  genre” 

The idea of genre as a whole boggles my brain, thus I will need to do more research to get a better understanding.

Something that I did understand is when Dean talked about the situated portion of genre. How genre changes depending on the context of the situation such as the analogy with the piece of paper on the parked car. This part of the reading I found easier to grasp amongst the others like Rhetorical.



Realizing things about yourself can be a bit sudden because while it’s happening you don’t really pay attention to it. When I sat down and thought about ll the things that I have been through in this past semester, I was shocked. I was shocked at how much I’ve grown in these past months but I was thrilled at how much I’d grown as a writer. I have motivation, a voice, my creative processes are back in tact. Reflection can teach you a lot about yourself and who you would like to be. Therefore, you should use reflection graciously, abundantly, and for the most part you do that already.


I think it’s important to understand what a writer is trying to convey to their audience. When a writer begins a piece, he/she must evaluate what they think is important, how they want to construct this piece, and to whom this piece will influence. An example of that is Doctor Seuss books which are meant to teach lessons thus he uses rhymes schemes to keep his audience, children, interested in his books. A writers frame determines just about everything including the reasons to even write the piece in the first place; he will not just write without establishing first the importance.

Don’t Facilitate Me

Today’s discussion did not really do much for because of the simple fact that no one in the class is willing to talk. It’s very agitating to have a group speaking and no one is responding except you and a few others. Maybe it is the lack of interest in the subjects presented by the facilitation group that feeds boredom and minds start to wander. I also do not think that this prepared me in any way to do my mid-term paper but instead was a waste of a class period. I understand the purpose behind the facilitation group but I feel as though it needs to be revised in a way to get people actively thinking versus feeling like they’re just doing it for a grade. I do not believe that it was the group members fault but the classes fault for not engaging the group thus making this whole presentation pointless.

The Quest

It is hard to come from a high school background of writing and merge more into a creative realm because of the stipulations placed on creativity. In high school, writing was all presented in a quick and efficient style to increase the pieces you were writing solely for grades. There were no paths of enlightenment or even a source of thrill in the pieces that I wrote so I just had a lot of fluff and b.s. in my writing. The transition is easy when you are able to sprawl out all of your ideas in any format that you choose; there are no limitations on my writing. This semester made me realize how much I do have to say which drove my passion for writing higher than it originally was when I started this journey.

I named my blog the “Quest” for the reason that I figured this new found freedom within my writing would be a journey. Its different layers of the adventure which began with discovering inquiry as a whole, then it moved into inquiries that I had been making for a while. Inquiry doesn’t just involve the question, something that I had to learn the hard way, it’s a lengthy process. This process includes the inspiration, the question, researching the inquiry, formulating an opinion, establishing a foundation for your writing, discovering new sides of your inquiry, and then of course, creating the piece. I must say that researching the question is the most complicated portion of the whole passage.

When approaching the research portion you have to specify exactly what you hope to achieve therefore making it easier to find concepts that relate. Otherwise, you end up with several other pathways to take and then by that time you’re already off track. Trust me, this has happened to me so take my word for it. Figure out what you need to look for then focus on information that directly relates with the topic at hand. Research is going to take a while so do not be aggravated when you doing it because it’s an essential part of your quest.

A struggle of mine during this progression had to be writers block. Sometimes I would sit for hours and think of things to say because of the lack of creative freedom in high school had literally created a mental block. Overcoming the block was extremely difficult at first, then I remembered topics that were significant in my life in one way or another. I took those and ran with it; it fueled me, most of it was outrage at things like a double standards in our society. Ridding myself of this non-creative stand post is what aided me in my quest of inquiry the most; it’s hard to forget something that was instilled in you for four years.

One thing that I realized over my small amount of time in this course was that I actually do enjoy blogging. I get a genuine burst of happiness when I post to my blog, especially when it’s outside of academic work thus giving me free reign. I decided to not just publish academic content that is required for the class but to also publish inquiries that I had always wanted to look further into. Therefore, I started posting things that I was passionate about whereas before I would have never thought to create a blog. Writing was such a turn off to me before I started taking the class. I would even dread addressing my own opinions because I knew there were certain qualifications a teacher would be looking for such as the five paragraph format.

To say the absolute least, I enjoyed embarking on this journey of inquiry. It gave me creative freedom thus making writing more enjoyable. It helped me rediscover the passion and voice that I had back in middle school which was smothered entering my sophomore year of high school. I no longer have writers block which prevented me from actually recognizes the talent that I have for writing. In a sense, I guess you could say that I’m a “free bird”; I have free reign to discuss whatever I aspire to thus rekindling all types of excitement. I do not have to worry about writing just to fulfil academic requirements, writing for a grade that came solely from research and fluff. This journey has been short but a lot has been realized!