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Again in this blog we will discuss the inquiry questions I have been presented with in reference to double standards within the gay community. The two questions that I have been researching are a) what are names that society has assigned to female and male members of the homosexual community and what do those referents say about the way members of the homosexual community are viewed? b) does the bashing of gay men stem from a long history of gay men being ostracized in society or has it gotten worse in this time period? My recent research has called into play a lot of new factors that I did not think of such as the way gays are discriminated against.

I can assure you that being a member of the LGBT community is really testing task, especially when the society around you has given you a negative connotation. I am a member of the LGBT community and those close to me have known this for quite a long time. I remember being 8 and starting to notice that I was having feelings towards both sexes but as a child, you’re confused. My sister and close aunts knew about these feelings but I did not introduce the idea to my mother until I was about 14-15 years old. My mother did not accept the idea of her daughter being a member of the LGBT community, especially considering the fact that I was raised in a Muslim household. She eventually came around to the idea but there are still family members of mine that I do not even discuss it with because it’s a touchy subject.

In one of my previous blogs I gave a brief list of names that are seen in the LGBT community, however, when I did further research I discovered that there are many negative connotations but there are also positively associated connotations. Here’s a more extensive list:


  • Pansexual
  • Pansexual
  • Lipstick Lesbians
  • Allies
  • Cisgender


  • Top, bottom, versatile
  • Metrosexual
  • Faggot, fag
  • Carpet munchers
  • Fruit cake
  • Anal assassin
  • Butt pirate
  • Dyke
  • Butch
  • Bean flicker

These are a few of the less vulgar ones that I found. Also, in one of my previous blogs I spoke on how it shows a lack of respect for gay communities all over and many of the names that become prevalent are to shame these members.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to shame someone for how they were born or something that they have no control over. Whether that is their race/nationality, disabilities, gender, or their sexual orientation. How dare you decide that you’re better than someone else because it is seen as a disadvantage to society? If anyone who does discriminate is reading my blog post right now, I speak for everyone who is a member of any of these communities- Fuck you! Society looks to ridicule anyone that is different than the social norm so what the hell is the social norm at this point? Dare to be different!

You know what doesn’t make any damn sense? How members of churches can discriminate against gays but religious persecution was once a thing thus making you a part of what society hates/hated. You’re supposed to be “holy” and involved with the church but I do believe judgment is a sin so you should think about your sins before you cast the first stone. Who the hell are you to play God? I think that the words “holy” and “sinful” need to be explored a little more.

Wikipedia-LGBTReports of homosexual persecution dates back to 550 BC where the Abrahamic law forbade homosexuality and declared it a crime. This is also seen in the Leviticus Book in the bible (hypocritical piece of writing written by man). This is not the first occurrence because this is also a trend in Ancient Rome, protohistoric Germany, and Middle Assyrian Law. Many other different instances have been seen throughout history such as in the Middle East where in 76 countries it is still criminalized.

Religious objections tend to state that the homosexuality is immoral but their sin is judging those when that is not their right nor their problem. There are many members of the LGBT community that do identify with a religion and to not even be accepted by people they commune with is preposterous. Dante’s Inferno suggests that sin removes us from our better nature but that sparks the question of what is “our better nature”. Why is being homosexual seen as being such an immoral act? Why can I be damned to hell just as someone who has committed genocide?

I’d like to further explore idea of man-made degrading of homosexuals through the bible and through the media which has become way more prevalent. Gay bashing no longer has to be through law or persecution but now it’s through bullying on cyberspace. Our own laws do not protect us so how are we citizen?

I will attach more recent LGBT community news at during this part of my post so feel free to go look on these pages if these ideas interest you. Please comment if you have any feedback or new topics relating to this blog that you want me to explore.