America deserves an Award

Wow America you never cease to amaze me with your raw talent for fucking up. Everything you do screws generations to come: economically – especially-, socially desensitizing kids, steadily lacking in resources, and of course retarding the education system. First you want to come up with this common core bullshit which you say is a state led effort but I know that you’re bullying the states to agree it. Just like you do ever other piece of educational legislation: oh it’s not mandated but however there are incentives. Then you make pop and rap culture look bad by flooding the radios with crap. Crap that desensitizes our kids to pussy, money, weed. This brainwashes our kids to think that those are the qualities important in our lives. On top of that you bash real rap culture because it’s full of blacks with talent which we know you hate. Next step to your plan was to, of course, drown society in drugs, especially in urban areas. You are polluting the streets with these manifests of the devil to kill of a whole population of people. I feel like Kendrick Lamar right now in the song The Blacker the Berry! You constantly invest your money in other places, not even in the country instead of using it to build our nations ghettos. People are still oppressed because America wants it that way, not because there is nothing they can do. You’ve exploited your citizens in every single type of way; you’ve stripped us of our culture, our resources, our souls. Our souls are so black due to tv screens taking our generations morality. Kids are taught not to be creative even in writing, you are trying to take away our AP classes to further retard our kids. You even continue to teach the females in the country to not respect themselves. As women we now have to equate ourselves to bitches and hoes who rely on men for every aspect of our kids. First we weren’t allowed to have careers, our own property but now that we are you have found another way to keep us under you locks. You know places like Walmart still underpay women so don’t feel bad when you walk in there and pick up something. Just know a woman who works there has already paid for that doubly.
I know it’s taking me a long to get to what I’m really upset with: you want to ban AP classes from our educational system? So you want all our kids to be held to the same expectations? Alike in every aspect even down to the way that we think?
America you have some real balls but the only reason you’re getting away with this is through brain washing. Deliberately polluting people to not be aware of what’s going on around them. America you’re winning but we will catch up to you one day.
I wanna personally say I appreciate mudruckers!