Are gay men and lesbians/bisexuals equal?

I’ve been watching a few youtube videos in order to get a better understanding about the double standards issues that I am researching. In many of the videos, many people said that they think it’s ridiculous that people can decide what is gay and what is not. One of the users that I watched discussed how many do not consider homosexuality when there are two lip stick lesbians; for you who do not know what a lip stick lesbian is, it’s a feminine lesbian.

The two questions are

1. What names has society assigned to female and male members of the homosexual community and what do those referents say about the way those members are viewed?

2. Does the bashing of gay men stem from a long history of gay men being ostracized in society or has it gotten worse in this time period?

Names that I found for gay men were extremely vulgar and demeaning to this whole community. People said things like faggots, anal pirate, carpet muncher, dyke, butch, and bean flicker were some of the most common ones. Whenever I hear any type of slur whether it is racial, sexuality-based, or any type of discrimination it really upsets me. From the videos that I watched many people said that gay slurs make them feel like society is against them and that leads to frustration and even depression in severe cases. These jokes and names make the gay community as a whole look bad and most importantly ostracize them more than ever.

In an interview with Lillian Collins, she talks about her first experience with standing up to someone who said a homophobic slur while onĀ  a date with her. She speaks about how empowered it made her feel to speak out for a community that is so often bashed for something they cannot help.

Gay bashing has gotten worse in this time period due to all the different forms of media and the socialization of kids. The media is teaching people who saying something is “gay” is a cool phenomenon. Kids also see a lot of this in television programming and through music with artists such as Eminem. I watched a movie called the interview recently where Eminem was casted for a role where he talks about the homophobic slurs in his music being because he was in fact was gay. There are a lot of down low men that bash because they cannot deal or even understand why they are the way they are. In general, I think that homosexuality is misunderstood and that’s where the problem lies.