bush me under the bus

In the Elements of Literacy reading, the author tells us about the No Child Left Behind Act that President Bush enforced during his administration. Then he goes on a tangent about how President Bush chooses to enact a law where he addresses teachers as thought they cannot teach. President Bush made a comment that suggested teachers need to properly teach reading teachers the way of teaching in order to ensure that classes are learning and that teachers are not having to be retrained. It amazes me that the president did not even try to share a portion of the blame, but instead he shifted the problems of literacy solely on┬áthe teachers. He continues to say that children should be ale to comprehend literature that is decided by the teachers but does not give teachers proper resources to even teach. I’m not sure that he is not understanding because he has not been in the educational system every day to see the problems within the structure of the system. Flaws within the system are the responsibility of the teacher as opposed to the duty of America’s education system or government. All of America, including myself, knows that the educational system is not as strong so why even enact pieces of legislation putting everyone on the same pedestal? Does he even worry about the results or is he sweeping this literacy under the rug?

Literacy is not just if you can read and write, as the general definition says. Literacy can be a abstract idea to interpret; i often see people trying to strictly define it to the book definition. Although I’ve never had an opinion on literacy because it is something that has been drilled into me since birth. As soon as you get into the educational system, whether in pre-K/headstart or kindergarden, you are socialized in a way that literacy is important. The truth is: you can be literate without knowing how to read of write. Literacy takes all different forms and fields; for example, someone such as Kanye may not be literate in dance culture but in the music and fashion industry, he has a lot of knowledge thus making him literate in those fields. America wants to stunt the growth of advancement of students in other fields by putting a label on what is literate. I find it funny that people have to have a GED/high school diploma, in some places, to work as a dishwasher. How absurd it that?