under my skin

As a child, trying to figure out what context to use the words “their”, “they’re”, and “there” was pretty difficult. All of these words are sound exactly the same when pronounced properly therefore before adolescence, it is easy to get these confused. As you grow older, you notice that the words are not spelled the same way thus meaning you should learn the difference. People who do not care enough to learn the vast difference in these contexts really start to get under my skin. Not only do I believe that you’re a slacker but inconsiderate because people like me have to figure out what the heck you intended to say. I learned how to differentiate in the seventh grade with Mr. Hanlon; he practically drilled it into our brains! The experience as a whole was annoying and I would not care to encounter the feeling again but it was super effective now looking back on it. I appreciated his persistence when trying to teach us, he gave us several scenarios every day until we learned the difference.